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Primitive screw dating

Armando, an elderly man and neatly into a tweed jacket, invited him into his country estate, decided to test their progressive ideas.

Armed with wisdom and full knowledge of himself and of his age, the senile boyfriend Marcello Rosa force and Navy to review their relationship and their conduct in life.

The rest of it is about what happens when you gather a bunch of oddballs together at a party and in a movie in general.

But I hope to continue and finish it one day – hope hope – so those of you who were into it, sorry for now, but I’m willing to bet y’all will be happy with whatever has me making comics regularly again.

Comments on this comic (152)RIGHT so here’s what’s going on RIGHT so here’s what’s going on.

The storyline was obviously getting a bit too ambitious on both the plotting and art fronts for my own good, and was (not surprisingly) a major reason why I got all messed up and had to take a break again.

In retrospect I shouldn’t have tried it in the first place, given my time constraints and my update schedule.

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In an extraordinary weekend of madness, besieged by a chorus of friends on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Sinibaldi spouses and young children will give a slap to conformity, trying to live a more authentic life.