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Quick ts chatroom

If you were affected by this issue, please try logging in again, and let us know if you experience any other difficulties!

Issue 2: On March 6th around PM PST our engineering team pushed an update to one of our services, causing it to accidentally send users who were trying to add their account to the Office 365 login option.

CUSTOMER FACING: On the evening of March 7th PST, the Outlook for i OS and Android engineering team identified an issue which may have caused connectivity and slow synchronization issues for a small subset of our European users. The option to add an alias no longer seems to appear in the app under Advanced Settings.

As this is not listed as a known issue, we have not received an alert, and MS is not in the practice of removing features, I am unsure why this is.

Playstore Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details? id=com.microsoft.office.outlook Android O-beta was released to Nexus and Pixel Owners on 5/17 if they opted in for the beta release. We still want to troubleshoot this but I have put something together to help us explain this to the customer. Before we do though I want to let you know the system you are running is in beta and is expected to have bugs. While this could be a compatibility issue with the new Version of Android this could also be an issue with the new Android system. Currently, only Nexus or Pixel devices get beta versions of Android and only if you opt-in to the beta version.

As of today, all affected users should be able to login to their successfully.

CUSTOMER-FACING: On March 7th, the team identified an issue which prevented some users from logging into their accounts successfully.

Remember that the developers got the update when you did and usually start working on getting thigs ready for when the new system is released.

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The Outlook for i OS and Android app was affected, among others.

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