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Quiz dating monkees

And more importantly, what else had I missed about him?And then, a few months later, a minor mother-daughter fight gave me the answer to my daddy identity crisis.

I might not be the same daddy’s girl I was at nine, but he was in there somewhere, and I was okay with that.All of a sudden, I was a momma’s girl — maybe because that’s all I had left or maybe because it was simply too painful to remember my dad.RELATED: Mothers, Daughters and Dating By the time I graduated high school, I had pushed my father out of my memory enough to fool myself into thinking I had moved on. There was a pause on the line that felt like forever.If you believe no woman could possibly find you attractive, you will elide over all evidence to the contrary – women flirting with you, giving you the “come-hither” stare or even just smiling at you – and focus like a laser on every incidence of negativity.You will see every interaction in the worst possible light: “she doesn’t like me, she’s clearly repulsed by me, she’s only being polite, I’m misreading the signals” This apparently unending stream of reinforcement will only serves to perpetuate a vicious cycle; your self-limiting beliefs cause you to overlook evidence to the contrary, thus reinforcing the belief which, in turn, continues to make it impossible to see the truth. Believing in yourself – that you’re attractive, that you have a lot to offer others, that you can you.

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I was sabotaging myself in a number of ways that I didn’t even realize…

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