Reall fecam log n

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Reall fecam log n

i was crying after she told me those things and depressed as friends kept on telling me not to worry too much because it will affect my baby..I did tell them that I have had green neon fesus for todays smelled like death not the kind i am use to smelling sorry if this is TMI.But I want to be very honest to ladies and perhaps gentalmen if any is on this post. and reading thiese post gave me some kind of hope I want to think you all for cheering and dryingmy tears this Sunday.Once again, this baby's femur is measuring 3 weeks behind at the recent 32 week ultrasound. Ultrasounds aren't exact (the day before I gave birth to my first child, they estimated his weight at 8 lb. Our baby's femur also measured short, I had elevated AFPs, plus a 2-vessel umbilical cord (normally there are three vessels, two arteries and a vein).We were told it was cause for concern so naturally we freaked out.My doctor suggested an error in the measurement but 2 more utrasounds confirmed the shortness.

With my current pregnancy my husband and I opted for Downs testing early- the results were negative. The femur was 5 weeks behind, and we were told there was a chance of Achondroplasia or a chromosomal abnormality. Anyhow, measuring just a few weeks behind is not anything usually, and even in our case where it was five weeks behind, she ended up being perfect.

The growth wasn't picking up by 37 weeks, so I was induced in an otherwise easy birth.

In the end, our now 15-month old baby boy was absolutely fine, great actually!

The 2 vessel cord and elevated AFPs are not markers for Down's but we were led to believe that the cord issue was.

The ratios we received for Downs were low (50), but we had three disparate problems and no conclusion.

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The specialist I saw was also not concerned he said only that the baby has a "slightly" higher risk of having down syndrome but not to worry about it.