Rules on christian dating online dating hiv infected

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Rules on christian dating

Whether you meet someone online or at a church function, the one thing that shouldn’t have changed is the way we date each other.Here are 7 rules that should always be followed when dating someone.

If he never makes you feel cherished, kick him to the curb and find one who does. Give God the glory in everything you do and you will definitely have an amazing time dating.

We all carry our own baggage with us from previous life experiences and some things are not shared until later on in the relationship. The bottom-line can be said this way: make her feel like she is the only person around when you are with her.

If your partner starts to trust you with some info, don’t push for more. A relationship must be built on trust and no one will learn to trust you if you are forcing them to say or do things they don’t want to. And please, pay for everything when you are on a date. Don’t change the radio station if he is listening to a song he likes. He is going to listen to many songs that he probably won’t like of yours.

It is so important to put God first, you two second and then the rest of the family third. When you are with someone, please make them feel loved when you are with them.

If you do this you will have a thriving relationship that can lead to marriage. Spend time talking with each other, praying with each other and learning more about each other each time you meet. If you are thinking of dating online, check out this article about dating websites.

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