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In a 2009 survey, 75% of parents reported having had a conversation with their kids about what it means to be in a healthy relationship, and 82% of those surveyed felt confident that they would be able to recognize it if their child were experiencing teen dating violence.

KFAM offers holistic support for victims of teen dating violence with a dual focus on prevention and intervention/rehabilitation.Non-physical abusive acts include constantly checking the partner’s cell phone, making disparaging comments, expressing jealousy, showing an explosive temper, prohibiting the victim from spending time with family and friends, dictating which activities the victim may participate in and controlling their whereabouts.Still, given the vulnerable age of both perpetrators and victims of teen-dating violence, there are specific challenges that hinder identifying, intervening in and helping the teen out of the abusive situation.While male abusers were more likely to inflict serious injury on female partners than vice-versa, boys are also victims of physical dating violence.Finally, rates of teen dating abuse appear to be similar in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships[v].

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Many of the warning signs of dating violence amongst teens are similar to those that occur in interpersonal violence amongst adults.

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