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We gave them a clap and a cheer as they walked off but I don’t think they noticed.’’ Yesterday the landlord of the Leicester Arms, who refused to give his name, said: "There was an incident outside with a couple and it was dealt with locally.

When you hear a bird warbling, you probably think the crooner is male.

But there was some inherent iffiness to our potential relationship: she had been promised the role of Pathfinder, but it was unfairly awarded to me instead.

I thought we might have to work that out and get to a good place first, where the power dynamics don't feel off.

A neon fish and chip sign in the background as well as the lights from a Nando’s helps to illuminate their sordid passion.

When a barmaid moved them on they simply carried on in a shop doorway a few yards down.

"They must have been there for a good 15 minutes before a barmaid from the pub came outside and told them to move on but even then they just walked a few yards further down and started again in a shop doorway.

"Dozens of people saw them, you couldn’t miss them as it wasn’t even properly dark.

In fact, females sing in 71% of songbird species, often for territorial defense.(Too real.) I was almost near the end of the game when I realised, wait, I've barely even expressed interest in this woman.By the time our final big interaction happened, it was too late. Our relationship had gotten a little flirty, but it could never progress anymore.One reason may be that it’s more dangerous for them to sing, especially when nesting, scientists report today At least, that’s the case for female fairywrens, the most vocal of which are the most likely to have their eggs and chicks eaten.The study “provides some of the first field evidence indicating why females of so many songbird species might have lost song,” says Karan Odom, a Ph. candidate at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and the lead author of a 2014 study on the evolution of birdsong.

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It kinda doesn't have to -- the quest itself is the thrilling part.

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