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Christian & Michaela: «Thank you for your amazing dating service — we are now engaged and planning our wedding for next year! We hope everyone on here has the same faith and luck in finding a soulmate as we did.

Love is there and still living if you are prepared for romance and know exactly what you want.

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Our writers explore and prepare you for the thoughts and feelings we all experience on our dating journey to keep things fun and interesting.Compensated dating ring that earned HK million in Hong Kong over last five years busted In the past, women engaged in “part-time girlfriend” services left posts on Facebook and Instagram to find men who were willing to pay them hundreds of dollars for casual dating, such as having dinner or watching movies, according to Inspector Chan Wing of the Mong Kok special duties squad.“Recently, some were found placing their photographs in sexy posts along with their rates as they advertised sex services,” she said.We are happily married now and just bought our first home together!A BIG thank you to — we have put our trust into online dating and it worked out really well!

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