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Skype interactive sex

The Bristol House of Correction argues that the change is necessary for its inmates' and staff's "safety and security." "We're doing this to keep weapons and drugs out of our jail," said county sheriff spokesman Jonathan Darling.

"If we can eliminate people bringing weapons and drugs into the jail, it can only work to help keep loved ones safer when they're here." However, all face-to-face visitations at the jail are non-contact with a large plexiglass screen between the inmate and visitor, and conversations over an in-booth telephone.

The interactive shows have fostered a community of individuals who care about one another, Marie says. ’ And if someone is missing you wonder if he or she is sick and you find out.

She estimates that she and Don use the service 12 to15 hours per week.

“It stimulates my brain, has allowed me to make new friends, and motivates us to keep going online,” Marie says.

Lynda King, a 68-year-old retired and homebound New Yorker, has led fellow participants in isometric exercises and taught them tips on home finance and household management, such as how to use plants to ward off insect invaders (hint: chopped up bay leaves keep away the ants), save on utility bills and live on a budget.

Self Help has loaned many VCS participants all-in-one, simplified touchscreen computers with a senior-friendly interface, as well as providing free access to VSC programming and technical support, and internet access.

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That will change in the near future, the jail says, with relatives able to use their own devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to contact their relatives.