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Speed dating wiki film

The molding gives way and he falls down the side of the building.

He mistakes the sparks created by his scraping fingernails as something shooting from his fingers.

Toy segment: Two kids face off in a gymnasium, surrounded by cheering friends.

Megatron Kid makes threats to the other kid, who whips out Supreme Cheetor.

This ad was kind of a big deal to fans as it was the first time Peter Cullen had done any work related to Transformers in thirteen years, dating back to the Action Master ads.

Animation: Excerpt from The Transformers: The Movie of Unicron slamming his hand down on Cybertron's surface, accompanied by a newly recorded voice-over proclaiming "The universe is mine! Also has an excerpt of Optimus Prime stock footage with Optimus telling Unicron to "fight someone your own size." Idyllic scenes of nature on earth are followed by scenes of the Decepticon army mobilizing with an epic choral tune playing the background.

These commercials typically use a combination of animation and live-action film featuring the characters/toys in question.Some footage from the Animorphs TV series is seen, and an instrumental version of the series' theme plays underneath. " digital voice (as with the concurrent Beast Wars ads, apparently taken from older Generation 1 ads) plays at the end.Notes: One of the kids had a poster for the 1986 animated movie in his room.Notes: A brief explanation of the Animorphs story, with one of the characters saying "Animorphs, Transformers!" Features Jake, Tobias, Mega class Ax, Mega class Visser Three and Rachel.

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The mood shifts as scenes of the Autobots taking action are accompanied by a rock version of the Generation 1 theme.

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