States not fluoridating water

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States not fluoridating water

1622 - January 1st became the start of the "new Year" (it was March 25 for a long time prior) 1788 - The Times of London newspaper began publication.

1801 - Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland unite, founding the "United Kingdom" 1818 - Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus was published (anonymously) in London.

1905 - The National Association of Audubon Society incorporated.

1914 - The Ford Motor Company announced an eight-hour workday and that it would pay a "living wage" of at least for a day's labor.

2007 - Nancy Pelosi was elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

January 5 in Pop Culture History 1889 - The word hamburger first appeared in print in the Walla Walla Union, a Walla Walla, Washington, newspaper.

1834 - Pennsylvania opened its state liquor stores. 1974 - 55 MPH speed limit was imposed by the Richard Nixon administration.4713 BC - Julian Calendar day #1, according to Joseph Justus Scaliger's cycle of 7980 years.46 BC - The Julian calendar began, and was used widespread until 1582.1995- The History Channel was launched 1995 - The last syndicated "Far Side" by cartoonist Gary Larson appeared.(started in 1985) 1997 - US television networks adopted a ratings system for programming similar to the one used for motion pictures.

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1936 - Billboard magazine published its 1st music hit parade 1940 - Edwin H.

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