Taurus and cancer dating pros and cons of dating a virgin

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Taurus and cancer dating

We do have Valentines Day this month and yours appears to be accentuated with some sort of secret liaison, which doesnt have to be illicit (for all the spouses reading their S. If you can, maybe try to replicate them a little bit.But you need to know that you have protection in spades this year. Some of the focus is off you this year, which may be a relief to you, or perhaps a disappointment, but I do feel that you badly needed some respite.Mars is offering you the drive to make things happen.Getting into shape is something which may interest you, and building up your muscles might be a good goal.Regardless, you will maintain a sunny outlook and be very sought after for your opinions or ability to inspire people in very influential places.Last year you tried to communicate your ideas to others and perhaps investigated the potentials regarding your notions. You believe you know what you want and you know what it will take to get it.Intellectual compatibility is actually difficult to find in this world and it appears you have it or will have it, so keep looking until you find someone that not only makes you think, but also makes you laugh and lightens your load in life.My guess is that you are already married to this person and you've just momentarily forgotten how very special they are.

One thing you might want to avoid doing however is talking a lot about how much money you have.

All of the signs are happy when they are Home and we will reap some amount of benefit from this energy change. Don't know how many passionate relationships you have ever been involved in, but usually they aren't the norm. Where what they say you just intrinsically understand and want to crawl up through their eye sockets into their head and feel the feels. Then all the sudden you are in the middle of some kind of thing you want nothing to do with and would never have fathomed might happen. This kind of flame is hard to keep alit for long duration. This might have something to do with government contracts or any other kind.

Your first born child may have an opportunity for some really healthy advancement this month. This level of intensity is a bit hard to take over time. This isnt going to be the norm and most of you, if this energy carries the romantic route, will be in some type of amour like you have never felt before and will never feel again. You need to pay attention to your dreams, visions and fantasies.

If you work in a capacity where you are what you sell, so to speak, this will be an excellent year for you.

The most negative thing I see in your new solar chart for 2016 is that it appears you are over utilizing some of your gifts or contacts.

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