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When Euro-American settlers pressed into the mountains in the late 1700s, they had the opportunity to build a new life, wrestling from the forest farms, homes, and communities like no others.Remnants of this past, preserved by the National Park Service, include the largest collection of historic log buildings in the East.According to acting chief ranger Steve Kloster, rangers in the Smokies respond to a little “over 100 search and rescue incidents per year.” Mostly rescues.We don’t have too many searches because most adult hikers here are pretty good about staying on the trails,” Kloster said.The jackets are rainproof, windproof, and durable for backcountry conditions.The park has approximately 40 park rangers whose primary duty is to aid in search and rescue operations.

As part of his exposure treatment, we listen to the recordings in the car and at home.Thanks to a donation from a Sevier County, TN, business, Great Smoky Mountains National Park rangers (from left) Christopher Tedder, Will Jaynes, Marc Eckert and Brad Griest were among 15 other rangers recently presented with high-performance search and rescue jackets to support search and rescue efforts in inclement weather.Rangers respond to approximately 100 SAR incidents annually, many of which occur during hazardous weather conditions.Some species, such as the red-cheeked salamander, are found nowhere else on earth.In terms of history, the Smokies are equally intriguing.

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It can easily take rangers 8-12 hours to reach a stranded or injured person in a remote area.