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According to The Letrim Observer, Ciara Pugsley committed suicide in the woods near her home in Ireland last September after incessant bullying on her page.Users would call her things like "slut" and "ugly" in the months leading up to her taking her own life.is just a tool which helps people to communicate with each other, same as any other social network, same as phone, same as piece of paper and pen. Over the next week, two of my boys have birthdays that end in “teen.” Today, Jonah stepped fresh and eager into his thirteenth year. I feel like I finally understand why I had to go through the baby and toddler years: This is the reward. Our boys need to know what is absolutely ok, and what is absolutely not.

Its not about the site, the problem is about education, about moral values that were devaluated lately. be more polite, more kind, more tolerant of others… Suicide is not something to encourage via mass media. Since Hannah's death, her parents have become vocal advocates for the regulation of anonymity online.Comments Hannah received from her tormentors included comments like: Rebecca Ann Sedwick's body was found in an abandoned cement silo in Lakeland, Florida, on Tuesday.He was then tricked into Skyping with someone he was told was a girl his own age and then blackmailed with screenshots by the anonymous users.His was linked to his Twitter and shows him discussing his Skype information with users a week before his suicide. Hannah would routinely fight with anonymous bullies on Ask.fm, at one point admitting that she had previously attempted to commit suicide in the past.

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According to local reports, Shannon missed her sister. She de-activated her account but one of her friends started getting them instead.

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