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Teenage girls and dating

The findings showed that youngsters who self-harmed were about nine times more likely to die an unnatural death than those who did not, 17 times more likely to die from suicide and 34 times more likely to die from acute alcohol or drug poisoning.Professor Nav Kapur, co-author of the study and professor of psychiatry and population health at the University of Manchester, said that while the study may have missed some episodes of self-harm, the sharp rise among girls aged 13-16 was "striking" and urged that it must prompt earlier intervention in primary care to reduce suicide risk.

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Researchers at the University of Manchester found that self-harm among young people aged 10-19 was three times more common among girls than boys, with those who self-harmed at much greater risk of suicide than those who did not (picture posed by a model) Self-harm among teenage girls has risen by 68 per cent in three years, research has revealed.