Traditional dating etiquette

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Who else but a fabulously wealthy person could afford to walk around in a fancy black outfit just because somebody in his family had died?

A marriage wasn’t always about a man and woman declaring their love in front of their friends and family.

If you thought we covered our mouths to stop from breathing in germs, you’d be wrong.

Unless by “germs” you mean “the devil.” In ancient Rome, opening your mouth without protection was just asking for trouble.

It wasn’t easy getting a seat at a medieval feast, and it wasn’t just a chance to rub shoulders with royalty.

The bride’s family paid for the party because everything about a wedding was a negotiation.But the best explanation of why we’re still so uncomfortable with pointing comes from University of Manchester professor Raymond Tallis in his book , who writes that “the pointing finger prods at a vulnerability we all share.Pointing intensifies the sense we all have at times of being known and yet not-known—of helpless exposure to uncomprehending eyes that imagine they comprehend us.” The Ancient Romans set the precedent for wearing black while in mourning—they had a dark toga called a “Toga Pulla” that was worn for funerals and occasional for protests—and the tradition continued in the Middle Ages in Europe, where black clothes were not just worn to demonstrate your sad feelings but to show off your wealth.It is important to remember, however, that many couples adapt their own budgets and may cover all wedding expenses themselves, or families work together to split costs that can work with everyone's budget comfortably.(from 1883) that don’t just sound outdated, they seem downright ridiculous.

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Such exclamations as “The Dickens,” or “Mercy,” or “Good Gracious,” should never be used,” the author writes.