Txt pornstars

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Txt pornstars

The knowledge that he had the upper hand finally sank in, and he did what he had wanted to do for a long, long time: he wound his leg up and kicked the bitch hard in the stomach, enough to turn even her thick body over. "How the fuck does a-how old are you, twelve, thirteen?He gave her another kick to the ribs before he noticed that her blue shirt was wide open. -how the hell does a kid like you come by this much money? That one had some moves on her, but this one-Ce Ce, as she calls herself-was always a bit awkward.He had to smack his chickenshit legs with the bat to make them do as he wanted, but he got them to carry him up the steps of the apartment building a few minutes after Officer Jones disappeared inside.He jimmied the lock open and invited himself inside quietly, looking almost like he lived there, then proceeded to climb the stairs to the roof and back down the fire escape.He kicked her twitching body to make sure she really was out, then cursed himself for being such a pussy.There he was, standing over the unconscious body of the cop who fucked his shit up, holding an aluminum bat when she was clearly unarmed, and he was still afraid?The light inside was on, and the window had been opened also.

Nobody thought Ricky would have it in him to stalk a cop to her own crib, let alone actually fuck her up. Luckily, the building wasn't very big, and the names of the tenants, including their unit numbers, were printed conveniently on their mailboxes inside the front door.

He positioned himself so that Officer Jones would have her back turned to him when she got out.

When the toilet started flushing, his legs screamed at him to get the fuck out, go home, watch some porn and let off some steam that way, but his heart said Hell to the fuck NO.

He suddenly remembered that he hadn't had any pussy in a while-and it was all this bitch's fault. He'd made his one failed attempt out of desperation, and he had not attempted it since. " Ricky's head snapped up even as he mouthed the word "FUCK." He froze; he couldn't move. He wasn't expecting the bitch cop to be living with anybody. "Shut the fuck up and get the fuck over here," he told the girl in a loud whisper. Blushing in humiliation, she looked away and slowly pulled up her shirt, exposing her taut, clenching tummy and her chest.

He knelt down next to Officer Jones and let himself grab a handful of those double Ds. All he could do was watch as the red haired girl bumped the door shut with her hips and bounced into the apartment. He realized that he hadn't thought this through very well at all, so intent was he on getting revenge on Officer Jones. "If you scream, I'll bash your mom's fucking head in." The girl might have understood, but she didn't budge an inch, probably because she knew she was in trouble. A pair of pale pink nipples sat on top of breasts that looked about as delicious as unbaked, bite sized cookies.

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Or maybe not-he didn't think what he was about to do was nice enough to be noticed upstairs. Then he'd go all the way upstairs to the roof, climb down the fire escape, and get inside her apartment through the window.