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Updating a deployment share mdt

We had a “Manager’s bundle” it included the software only supervisors would need.We had a “call center bundle” for our call center PCs, they come in real handy.This “thin” image is exponentially more flexible since you’re able to select which apps to install on the fly.You might be able to get away with Office in the image, but its really up to you. ) So imagine a basic image done the “old” way with adobe reader, java, flash, etc.At a school I worked with we had one bundle for student PCs and a second bundle of teacher PCs, it worked really well.Another thing you can do is bundle office and office activation scripts, hide the standalone office and activation apps, and leave just the bundle, this way you can “combine apps” Question:“Why is MDT lite touch still prompting me with the welcome screen even though I still have skipbddwelcome=yes set in my file.It’s important to understand that WDS is just a server role, MDT is the scripts and GUI, and ADK is just the tools.So, no you don’t need WDS, its cool to have, but not a deal breaker. Is it possible to clone multiple devices at the same time in MDT 2012?

This really helps because that way you’re not upgrading to IE 9, patching and then upgrading to 10, patching, and then upgrading to 11, and yes, then doing more patching.

Office 2010 (64bit) See Also: is it better to let a task sequence install software instead of including it on the image to start with?

” Answer: Ideally you want to have one and only one image, the less apps you have in the images, the easier it is to do this.

A small single disk server running on megabit will start to choke when you attempt to deploy to more than about half a dozen boxes at the same time, however, if you’re running a decent raid server using WDS multicasting on gigabit network, you could easily do a few dozen at a time before you’d see any real slowdown, and even then, with multicasting, you should have little trouble.

What can also cause bottle necks is the update process, so if you’re going to keep office out of the image, take into consideration that you’ll want to let it update during deploy if you don’t have a WSUS server.

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