Updating drivers licence

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Updating drivers licence

It might take longer if your medical or personal details need to be checked.

You can continue driving while you wait for your new licence to arrive.

An Enhanced Driver's License is allowed to be used as an alternative to a passport for international land and sea travel, but not air travel, to countries that recognise it.

English, Enhanced Driver's Licence in Canadian English, or Enhanced ID in other common usage, is a card which functions both as driving licence and ID card with limited passport features issued in some states in the United States to people who are both citizens of the country and resident in the relevant region, compliant with the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.

In order to work properly, your card must be able to be interpreted by the operating system.

Graphics drivers provide hardware acceleration for 3D graphics and are required for the smooth operation of functions such as gaming and video playback.

Driver's Licence Plus will not be issued after 30 September 2014.

The GDI is a Windows application programming interface and core operating system component responsible for representing graphical objects and transmitting them to output devices such as monitors and printers.Driver Updates uses award-winning cloud technology to easily update multiple device drivers simultaneously and in the proper sequence. Now you can update all your drivers in just a few clicks.Graphics drivers translate tasks performed by your graphics card into a language that your computer can make use of.You can change your driving licence address online -although you’ll need a Government Gateway ID, an account which you can use to log-in to a range of online government services that need authorisation.Rob Miles, head of motor at Direct Line, said: ‘British motorists have a duty to update the DVLA of any change of name or address or of any medical condition that could affect their ability to drive, but it seems that many motorists simply don’t realise they are breaking the terms of their licence.’'Millions of drivers have an old name or address on their driving licence, and while this won’t affect their car insurance cover, having incorrect information on their licence puts them at risk of a large fine if their licence is ever checked by the police.

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New drivers are released frequently and by updating these drivers you can make the most of your new card.