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Updating firmware on router

I have also seen the download include multiple files, only one of which was supposed to be uploaded to the router. A far better approach is where the router completely handles the update.

router comes with Linksys firmware and if you upgrade to DD-WRT Firmware that in reality BOTH FIRMWARES RESIDE ON YOUR SYSTEM.

While investigating, he was told by a support technician not to update the firmware if the device is working fine. I have seen two different approaches for manually updating router firmware.

The worst approach requires you to download a file to your computer, and then upload it to the router.

He noted that none the 9 TP-Link devices he investigated self-updated.

Worse, TP-Link does not contact their customers to tell them of newly released firmware; no emailing lists, no syndication feeds, nothing.

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Here is my list of "issues" with firmware updates: For an example of an Asus router update process that confused me (no documentation on what to expect) see A router firmware update goes bad.