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Updating formulas in excel

Students should also be familiar with putting together any type of report in Excel to be able to apply the time saving and visualization techniques taught here.

Students should be able to build and apply basic formulas in Excel as well.

Pivot Table and Pivot Chart knowledge is helpful, but expertise is not necessary to take this course.

If you don’t want Excel to create calculated columns when you enter formulas in table columns, you can turn the option to fill formulas off.Calculated columns in Excel tables are a fantastic tool for entering formulas efficiently.They allow you to enter a single formula in one cell, and then that formula will automatically expand to the rest of the column by itself. This can be incredibly time saving, especially if you have a lot of rows.The course covers advanced features of Excel Dashboards, such as display and visualization principles for clear dashboard creation, using interactive controls to keep information informative and relevant, analyzing and automating information for a fully functional and complete dashboard.It also includes key considerations for distributing dashboards like password protections, locking and unlocking cells and protecting workbooks.

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