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We will start with the application created in the article: Using Qn A Maker To Easily Create and Consume A Chat Bot. We then have the ability to View/Edit and Deploy the FAQ database using the online web application at Qna However, after doing so, while the item will show up when you log into the interface on the Qn website… it will not show up when you look at the the Model and Publish any changes to the FAQ database.

This is the equivalent to clicking the Save and retrain and Publish buttons in the web interface on the Qn website.

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The Qn A Maker website, allows you to quickly create a Chat Bot or Service based on your existing Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) known as a FAQ, and then query that database using natural language queries. In this article (you can download the complete code on the downloads page of this site), we demonstrate how you can programmatically retrieve the FAQ database as a file.

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