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She also began to re-kindle her singing career and in general, stayed in the public's eye.For one such publicity stunt, Danny, her boyfriend wrote a book entitled "My Sexy Girlfriend: Zhang Mi" (张咪我的性感女友). 8) Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) Zhang Ziyi was born in Beijing on February 9th, 1979. She was discovered in 1998 by director Zhang Yimou, who casted her in (十面埋伏) in 2004.On May 8th, 2011, Sun Yanzi and Nadim Van Der Ros, her foreign boyfriend of more than five years, held a wedding ceremony in Singapore.Nadim Van Der Ros was born in The Netherlands and currently works in Singapore in marketing and advertising.The couple had three children together, and was considered to be a "model couple" of a cross-cultural marriage in China. More recently, Wei Wei has been spotted with yet another foreigner, frolicking on the beaches of Sanya.6) Ning Jing (宁静) Ning Jing was born in Guizhou Province on April 27th, 1972. Her first big acting break came in 1990, when she starred in the film (我很丑,但我很温柔).

Upon returning to China, people noticed a change in Zhang Mi; that is, she began using her sex appeal to land jobs as the spokesperson for various companies.

She has had a string of hit songs in Asia, and is internationally known for performing the song "A Love Before Time" from the movie (卧虎藏龙).

On October 28th, 2011, Co Co Lee was married to Bruce Rockowitz, the CEO for Li & Feng Group, atop a luxury hotel in Hong Kong.

Two of her most popular songs are "The Dedication of Love’ (爱的奉献), which she recorded in 1988, and the duet "Great Asia" (亚洲雄风), which she performed with Liu Huan at the Asian Games in Beijing in 1990.

Around the same time, Wei Wei married Swedish pianist Michael Smith.

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2) Sun Yanzi / Stefanie Sun (孙燕姿) Sun Yanzi was born in Singapore on July 23rd, 1978.

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