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Whos dating taylor momsen

After constant harassment by Blair’s minions, Jenny decides to skip school to pursue a future in fashion.When Blair and Serena have another fight concerning Serena's growing popularity, Jenny is dragged into their fight during Eleanor's fashion show and is subject to Blair's torture when she changes the seating arrangement that Blair had initially planned.Novels: Artist High school student (at Constance Billard; expelled) (at Waverly Academy) Television: High school student (at Constance Billard; departed) College student (at Central Saint Martins) Fashion designer Drug dealer (former)Rufus Humphrey (father) Daniel "Dan" Humphrey (older brother) Novels: Jeanette Humphrey (mother; estranged) Television: Alison Humphrey (mother) Lillian "Lily" Humphrey (ex-stepmother) Scott Rosson (paternal half-brother) Serena van der Woodsen (ex-paternal stepsister/sister-in-law) Eric van der Woodsen (ex-paternal stepbrother) Charles "Chuck" Bass (ex-adoptive stepbrother) Jennifer Tallulah "Jenny" Humphrey is one of the characters in both the Gossip Girl and The It Girl series of novels by Cecily von Ziegesar.She is portrayed by Taylor Momsen in the Gossip Girl television adaptation on The CW.A possible friendship ends when Blair discovers Nate's lingering feelings for Serena and Jenny's interest in Nate that entails further cruelty on Jenny.

Despite this, the dress is a huge hit with the audience and the fashion show is a big success.In the Gossip Girl prequel It Had To Be You, Jenny is noted for having a rather flat chest until she begins taking breast enlargement supplements, which turns out are the cause of her double D cup size.Jenny is the protagonist in the book series, The It Girl, which shows her new life, after she gets expelled from Constance Billard, and starts at Waverly Academy in upstate New York.In The It Girl, Jenny tries to reinvent herself as a "popular and sophisticated city girl" and leave behind the person she was at Constance.When Jenny arrives at Waverly, she finds the students even more attractive, athletic, and intimidating than she imagined.

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Blair's clique abandons her once again, and she later finds Blair to tell her that she's won as it's "not worth it".

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