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Fix ID: 3977949 Symptoms: Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager fails to update 64-bit virus definitions.Solution: Updated to delete any existing 0 byte or delta file, to prevent the blocking of AV definition updates.Solution: Fixed the driver loading sequence, so that Sym Nets loads after Fix ID: 3952857 Symptoms: The Host Integrity check fails an antivirus-related HI policy, even if the definitions are fully up to date.Solution: Changed the way the DNS lookup cache refreshes when the DNS server IP changes due to network updates, so that the hostname always resolve and location switching is prevented.Fix ID: 3926000 Symptoms: After you delete SEPM administrators, the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager database does not delete them.

Solution: Modified the reverse scan to return a “file not found” code instead of a generic fail code if the detected file doesn't exist anymore due to a previous remediation.

Auto-Protect event processing now checks for all failure return values instead of just a fail code, and no longer sets the action code for the remediation to general failure if a previous remediation deleted the file.

Fix ID: 3962563 Symptoms: If you right-click a file or folder whose path contains a special Polish character in order to perform an On-Demand scan, the following error occurs: “No files/folders could be scanned.” The scan fails.

Solution: The check now first tries to load Sym from the Symantec installation path.

If the fails to load from there, only then does the check try to load this file from the system path.

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Fix ID: 3957316 Symptoms: High-load servers that have version 12.1.6 MP1a installed do not complete the weekend scheduled scan, despite set to Best Scan Performance.

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