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Wireless dating

You can also download Cap Tune, Sennheiser's free app that allows you to adjust the EQ to your own tastes. Bose has long had a considerable edge in this category, but Sennheiser's Noise Gard technology is a relatively unsung challenger worthy of praise—it accomplishes the rare feat of eliminating ambient noise without creating an audible hiss.Sennheiser estimates the battery life to be up to 30 hours, but your results will likely vary depending on your mix of wireless versus wired playback, as well as your use of the noise cancellation circuitry. We often forgive added hiss from noise cancellation circuitry because, like tape hiss, it's not loud or unpleasant.The list of excellent wireless headphones that also provide stellar noise cancellation is a short one, but things are turning around.Earlier this summer, Bose introduced its first wireless Quiet Comfort option, the Quiet Comfort 35.Now Sennheiser brings us the PXC 550, a 9.95 noise-canceling Bluetooth headphone pair with lots of bells and whistles.

From an audio standpoint, the PCX 550 uses a built-in dynamics limiter (also known as digital signal processing) to smooth out loud peaks and avoid distortion, which will likely irk purists who don't want their mixes tampered with.

Callahan's baritone vocals also get a pleasant low-mid richness and plenty of high-mid, crisp definition to keep things clear and balanced.

In Club mode on a track like this, things sound, well, not great—the highs get tweaked in a way that the guitar strumming and Callahan's vocals sound pinched or nasally at times, and the drums get a tad too much in the deep bass department.

You can also answer, end, reject, or place calls on hold by tapping or holding your finger down on the panel when calls are coming in.

In a call, you can swipe to mute or unmute the microphone.

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Tapping it once will play or pause your music—so if you set the headphones down while on (meaning they're not folded down flat) and happen to touch the outer panel, you'll quite likely be playing music—and killing your battery life—without realizing it.