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Experienced users can download and install the latest motherboard chipset drivers to help resolve rare issues caused by outdated motherboard chipset drivers.Although it is out of the Scope of Technical Support for Blizzard to assist, you can search on your own for a program that will tell you what type of motherboard you have, then visit the manufacturer’s website for the update. If this problem persists, you may be able to solve it by uninstalling and then reinstalling the game.If you are unable to correct this problem, please contact Blizzard Technical Support.You can find the latest Combo Update for your operating system located on Apple's Support Download When an older OS has no more incremental updates, you will need to upgrade to a new OS to obtain newer drivers and updates.

For Blizzard games, it is important to download and install all software updates, as our games are designed for the latest version of the supported system requirements.

Hi, first of all I play on EU, i was logged before the servers went down to implement the 5.2 patch (meaning i had the updated 5.1), as i started the launcher to start the download of 5.2, it said that wow is downloading 5.0.5, when it reached playable i clicked on play, and it is indeed showing patch 5.0.5 on the release, what just happened?

do i have to re-download all 5 gegs remaining for 5.2 to work?

I opened the game and saw that it still says 5.1, which also makes me wonder a bit.

Cause after they implemented the background downloading in stead of having to download 5 gb or something at once, it's been a lot more smooth.

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(The part you could already download before the maintenance) My launcher says it's "playable", but I can't be sure everything is alright because there's no download progress or anything, it just says the game is up to date (even though my client still says 5.1.) Also, the Background Downloader is nowhere to be found, I don't know if it exists anymore.