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Run Message Loop(Int32 reason, Application Context context) at System. App Domain.n Execute Assembly(Assembly assembly, String[] args) at System. Execute Assembly(String assembly File, Evidence assembly Security, String[] args) at Microsoft. In such situation the Mavention Simple Site Map Path can become very useful.The breadcrumbs control that we know from the Blue Band branding that shipped together with Office Share Point Server 2007, is still available with Share Point 2010. Get Section(String config Key, Boolean get Lkg, Boolean check Permission) at System. Button1_Click(Object sender, Event Args e) in C:\Mis documentos\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\ABMCliente\ABMCliente\Form1.vb:line 10 at System. As soon as you customize it, you will get an exception stating that inline code is not allowed. So while you could turn all nodes into list items () the root element of the control will still be a span.

If you look at the rendered markup you will see a bunch of span’s. For two reasons using the sample breadcrumbs code as included in the nightandday.master Master Page is bad.

That means that you would either have to modify the HTML CSS to brand the span’s or create a custom branding control that would render the markup as provided by the web designers.

While the Site Map Path control supports templates, which might seem the way to overcome this problem, they really aren’t. NET binding templates () with Share Point Page Layouts is only allowed as long as the Page Layouts remain uncustomized.

Evaluate(Factory Record factory Record, Section Record section Record, Object parent Result, Boolean get Lkg, Boolean get Runtime Object, Object& result, Object& result Runtime Object) at System.

Get Section Recursive(String config Key, Boolean get Lkg, Boolean check Permission, Boolean get Runtime Object, Boolean request Is Here, Object& result, Object& result Runtime Object) at System.


The control is shipped as a Share Point 2010 Farm Solution package (WSP).

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